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September 03, 2006


Kwok Ting Lee

I second the use of Wenlin. When I was reading modern academic analyses of classical Chinese poetry, or history articles as background to the periods I was studying, I relied on Wenlin as a quick way of looking up a character I was somewhat unfamiliar with, or a combination of characters.

China Law Blog

Ben --

The final link in this post is blank/dead.

China Speed

Thanks Dan, I believe it is fixed now.

Carolyn Chu

I have heard great things about Wenlin and have been thinking of getting it myself.

Has anyone ever tried Clavis Sinica ( It has similar capabilities as Wenlin but is only 1/4 the cost.

But, of course, this may be one of those cases where you get what you pay for...

Kwok Ting Lee

I haven't used anything but Wenlin, mostly because my professors (during the early years when I was trying to refresh my memory after not using Mandarin for around ten years) recommended it as a good self study aid.

I'd say, if it's good enough that a number of my professors, who were native Chinese, recommended it to a 'quasi-native speaker' as a way of helping him remember what he's forgotten in the ten years or so of living in a non-Chinese speaking and writing environment, it's worth the price difference.

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