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September 01, 2006


China Law Blog

Great idea!

Travis Hodgkins

I concur! Fantastic idea! But do you also have it in pinyin?

Christopher Cassidy

Thanks for putting this up. I second the request for pinyin.

Kwok Ting Lee

Magnificent idea. As a student with a fascination with Chinese law this has allowed me to double check my own vocabulary list. (I did my major in Classical Chinese Studies, which left me with a deep knowledge of Jin (265-420) and Tang dynasty poetry, and a general knowledge of the representative works from the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, but little knowledge of modern legal terminology.)

Thanks. I'm neutral as to the idea of pinyin, as most of the words are fairly common (e.g. the sort of material anyone with around a year or two of formal instruction in Chinese should have picked up.)

Carolyn Chu

This is a great idea! Thanks for putting it together.

I, too, think pinyin would be extremely helpful--not everyone has had formal Chinese instruction.




Well done, Ben! I believe
that many people will appreciate your work.

However, I want to make minor modifications on two Chinese words in your list, because we Chinese will likely use other words instead of them, hope you don't mind it.

First, 债户(Zhài Hù)-Debtor. Today we usually use 债务人(Zhài Wù Rén) as a legal term,which also means a debtor, instead of 债户 due to its old fashion and not being precise.

Second, 契(Qì)-Deed. 契 surely has the exact meaning of deed, however, this word was mainly used in acient Chinese (文言文 Wén Yán Wén). In modern Chinese and legal language, we prefer the word 契约(Qì Yūe).

By the way, I am Chinese and an attorney in China.

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