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  • Diamant, Lubman & O'Brien: Engaging The Law in China: State, Society, and Possibilities For Justice
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    Kellee Tsai: Back Alley Banking

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August 21, 2006



great, ben. i appreciate the view onto the topic. i saw the book at b&n. i'll get it.

Mark Anthony Jones

Thanks for providing such a fair and balanced review of this important book. This site, "China Speed" is among the few truly decent China-related blogs that I am aware of. Most tend to view China way too critically, and are used for people to rant and rave about all of the country's alleged evils.

China's problems in the countryside are serious, as you say, but the central government is aware of this, and are concerned enough to be looking for solutions.

You ought to participate in the MAJ-Sojourner Debate, on my site, as both Sojourner and I would really appreciate and value your input. The debate examines the nature of China's present day governance and society. We would especially appreciate your overview on China's present day legal state - is China making progress towards the establishment of the "rule of law"? What are the present strengths and weaknesses in China's legal establishments and practices? Are you opimistic about the future?

I have just added this site to my list of recommended China-related sites too, by the way.

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